What Non-Stick Cookware Is Safe For Metal Utensils?

Is Nonstick Cookware Compatible With Metal Utensils?


Nonstick cookware & metal utensils: Risky mix! Scratches + metal contact damage coating. Follow manufacturer's guide for safe use.

Best Type of Non-Stick Cookware to Use with Metal Utensils

1-  Hard-anodized Cookware

2-  Stainless Steel Cookware

3-  Cast Iron      Cookware

4-  Ceramic Pots       And Pans

5-  Copper      Cookwares

Safe cookware buying guide: avoid Teflon, choose safe materials, prioritize easy cleaning, consider storage & utensils.

Hard-anodized pans: utensil-safe but not fully nonstick.

3 Utensils for Nonstick: Wood, Silicone, Nylon

Hard anodized cookware has the potential to dent or scratch if you use other metal utensils like steel.

Contrary to popular belief, not all nonstick pans pose a threat when used with certain metal utensils.

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