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What Cast Iron Cookware Made In The Usa

What Cast Iron Cookware Made In The Usa? Top Brands 2023

The use of cast-iron pots and pans in the kitchen dates back centuries. It is made of cast iron and is used in many different applications, such as cooking and baking.

Use of the finest cast-iron cookware made in the USA is a delight. Compared to other cookware types, it performs better and lasts a lifetime.

People always look for the best and high-quality cookware, and cas iron cookware made in the USA has both qualities; that’s why they are curious to know what cast iron cookware is made in the USA.

GRIZZLY Cookware is the most durable cast iron cookware in the United States and can withstand the roughest conditions. Whether you’re cooking in a fast-paced commercial kitchen, a busy home kitchen, or outdoors over an open fire, GRIZZLY has you covered. Besides GrRIZZLY, Nordic Ware, All-Clad, and Made In are well-renowned cast iron cookware brands in the USA.

If you are ready to make your meal more delicious and want to give your kitchen an aesthetic look with cast iron cookware, look no other than cast iron cookware made in the USA.

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What Is Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron heavy-duty cookware is prized for its capacity to hold high temperatures for extended periods, retain heat, and cook without sticking when correctly seasoned. In addition, seasoning protects raw cast iron against rust.

The typical chemical makeup of cast iron consists of 2.5% to 4.0% carbon, 1% to 3% silicon, and iron. Compared to steel, grey cast iron falls short in terms of tensile strength and shock resistance, but its compressive strength is on par with that of low- and medium-carbon steel.

What Is The History Of Cast Iron Cookware Made In Usa From Begining Till Today?

  • The Chinese and other Asian nations first used cauldron-like vessels made of cast iron to cook over an open flame as early as 220 AD.
  • Flash forward to the 1700s, when Abraham Darby figured out how to make cast iron using green sand castings for a fraction of the cost and time. Cast iron cookware was previously out of reach for many people, but Darby’s innovation changed everything.
  • Even after the invention of stoves in the mid-1800s, cast iron was still widely used for indoor and outdoor cooking. In the 1960s, however, a new type of aluminum that did not adhere to food was introduced. These coatings swiftly heated and cooled cookware, making them the preferred option.
  • Using cast iron for cooking accelerated when manufacturing moved offshore like many other products. Bad quality cast iron cookware hit the market.
  • Although cast iron cooking was never widely popular, only a few US manufacturers stopped producing it. The rise of best cast iron cookware made in the USA can be attributed to several factors, including the advocacy of chefs, worries about the chemicals in nonstick coatings, a return to more traditional cooking methods, and an interest in cooking in the great outdoors.
  • Vintage cast iron skillets made in the USA are high-quality cast iron cookware that is much sought after by chefs, but the firms that produced them are no longer in operation. Flea markets, vintage shops, and auctions are great places to find a Griswold or Wagner cast iron skillet. Though they are no longer produced, the products of these once-great American businesses continue to command respect for their quality and design. Expect to pay a hefty sum for these wonderful, but limited-availability, USA-made cookware.

Why Should You Buy Cast Iron Cookware Made In The Usa?

The United States produces some of the finest cast iron cookware available. However, other countries also have high-quality items (for example, France’s Le Creuset and Staub). Cast iron purchased from a source outside the United States sometimes has a broken surface or needs to be harsher.

Using the finest cast iron cookware made in the USA has many benefits. Because of the higher standard of quality in American manufacturing, these arguments hold especially true when considering a purchase of cast iron cookware. Consider the advantages of using cast iron pans made in the USA.

1. Convenience:

As cookware reaches the coveted “seasoned” stage, it produces its natural nonstick coating. Reheat it, use it in your cooking, and wipe it clean.

2. Exceptional Efficiency:

The best Cast iron skillet is unrivaled regarding heat retention, whether cooking outdoors using a dutch oven, griddles over a grill, direct flame, or indoors on a smooth cooktop.

3. Easy to Use:

Your nonstick pan may make it easier to flip eggs, but its manufacture causes environmental damage and some worry about its possible health effects. Cast iron, on the other hand, is the contrary.

Best Cast Iron Cookware Made in the United States

In the past, it was challenging to find cast iron cookware because it was made in limited quantities by specialized companies. Nowadays, however, many manufacturers in the USA sell cast iron cookware, so it is becoming more accessible to the masses.

Here are some of the best-cast iron cookware brand products made in the USA.

1. Appalachian Cast Iron Co

Tennessee’s own Appalachian cast iron company produces a variety of sizes of glistening cast iron skillets. The original Great American Waffle Iron, which works great on gas, coil, and glass top stoves, is the best-known product for the company. Thanks to its dual-purpose design (a split spherical), you can use the waffle maker as a sandwich maker. Regarding materials and labor, Appalachian cast iron company offers a lifetime guarantee.

2. Butter Pat Industry

Butter Pat industries is a foundry, design, and engineering firm headquartered in Maryland with other locations in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Their cast iron skillets and pots are lightweight but well crafted, making them suitable for gas, electric, live fire, and smooth cooking surfaces like induction or ceramic. The ergonomically crafted handles reduce strain on the wrists and make it simple to control. The whole manufacturing process occurs within the United States, from raw materials to finished products. There is a 100-year warranty available from Butter Pat industries.

3. Stargazer

In 2015, Peter Huntley started Stargazer cast iron. After years of working as a product designer for other companies, he pursued his dream of producing high-quality cookware in his native United States.

Six months later, Peter had the prototypes and designs to mass-produce Stargazer’s first 250 skillets throughout the summer.

He sanded the castings by hand, packaged them in boxes, and shipped them all by himself, just like any other budding entrepreneur. After years of refinement, Stargazer’s production cycle now looks significantly different.

There have been thousands of sales of Stargazer skillets since 2015, and every single one is created in the USA. They are dedicated to minimizing their environmental impact and employ eco-friendly production practices like reusing materials and packaging and casting molds.

The “Customer Direct Business Model” allows for reasonably priced but high-quality skillets. Items are sent from a central distribution center in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

4. Grizzly cookware

Grizzly cookware, based in North Carolina, produces nickel-coated cast iron cookware and is directed by a woman and owned by a veteran. All components were built within the United States. As enameled cast iron cookware made in the USA is so vulnerable to chips, electroless nickel is used to cover the iron. It makes the cookware by Grizzly easier to clean by creating a flat surface.

5. Borough Furnace

Borough Furnace is a family business run by John and Liz, who create castings and mill their machinery to produce cast iron cookware such as skillets, dutch ovens, and more. The late, great Anthony Bourdain gushed about this brand for its modern, handcrafted wares. Making bread in the dutch oven with a 5.5-quart capacity is a breeze. Borough Furnace is set apart from rivals in the market because its enameled cast iron dutch ovens are made in the USA.

6. Cast Iron Lodge

Lodge cast iron uses two plants in the Volunteer State of Tennessee to produce its seasoned cast iron, carbon steel, and heat-treated cast iron. Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, founded in 1896 and named for its namesake inventor, Joseph Lodge, is the oldest company of its kind. The heavy-duty Lodge skillet is only one of the many products the Lodge manufacturing company produces.

They also make dutch ovens, griddles, grill pans, and many more. The Lodge company dutch oven, available in various sizes and pre-seasoned, is a fan-favorite. Having an outside fire and food is all that’s required.

7. Nest Homeware

Nest Homeware, located in Providence, Rhode Island, produces cast iron cookware with ergonomically curved handles that resemble lovely tree branches. These extended grips keep hands from getting too hot. These expertly made pots and pans require heat and cooking to reveal their full potential. These include skillets, dutch ovens, braising pans, and self-basting lids. Nest Homeware offers both individual items and complete collections.

8. Finex

Finex is an Oregon company focusing on creating high-quality cast iron cookware. Its unique octagonal shape improves the aesthetic of each item while also making it more convenient to pour from or remove food. The coiled handles harken back to the knobs on vintage cast iron skillets made in USA cast-iron ranges and cool more quickly. A wide variety of cookware, including cast iron sets, dutch ovens, grill pans, and griddle pans, are available from Finex.

9. Smithey Ironware

Isaac Morton, who later formed Smithey Ironware Co., got the idea for the company by researching established historical manufacturers. This small business owner from Charleston, South Carolina, creates “Contemporary heirlooms” such as cast-iron Smithey skillets, grill pans, dutch ovens in two sizes, and a carbon steel wok.

Smithey ironware company’s history is a fascinating tale. Isaac Morton, the company’s founder, developed a love for restoring old cast-iron cookware, which inspired him to apply cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create brand-new cast-iron pots and pans that would last just as long.

Smithey teamed up with famous blacksmith Robert Thomas to diversify into the carbon steel kitchenware market in late 2018. Because of its proximity to the naval station, Smithey’s gained access to cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques that will propel product innovation.


Is Lodge cast iron Still made in the USA?

Lodge cast iron and seasoned carbon steel are made in the USA and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Despite being manufactured in China, the quality of all enameled cast Iron cookware made in the USA is strictly monitored by a third-party inspection firm wholly owned and operated in the United States.

Is Wagner cast iron made in the USA?

The Wagner Manufacturing Company in Sidney, Ohio, produced cast iron and aluminum goods. It had various metal goods, including cookware such as pots, pans, casseroles, and kettles.

What cookware is made in the USA?

Heritage Steel, Nordic Ware, All-Clad, and Made In are the major cookware brands that manufacture their products in the United States. But if you’re looking for nonstick cookware, you have your pick between Nordic Ware, All-Clad, and Made In (unlike Heritage Steel, which does not offer a Nonstick range).

Are Lodge Dutch ovens made in the USA?

You can trust the Dutch oven because it was built in the USA. The black-finished Dutch oven comes in various sizes—Lodge’s Round Dutch oven benefits from using high-quality materials to ensure long life and sturdy construction.


The best cast iron cookware made in USA is both simple and spectacular. If you compare it to other types of cookware, you’ll find that it performs far better and lasts much longer. Home cooks and chefs use the best-cast iron cookware to prepare mouthwatering dishes.

I hope this article was helpful for you in getting your answer about; what cast iron cookware made in the USA?

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